Airbag ECU/Module SRS Crash Data Reset


You can start profiting today from the millions of modules that are in a need of repair.

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Auto body shops, salvage yards, repair facilities or just individuals.

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This video is 1:09 hours long and provides detailed instructions. Get your copy today.

The cheapest tool cost $40 and up to begin resetting srs modules.

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Learn to repair SRS airbag modules



Secrets automakers don't want you to know


Remove CRASH DATA from SRS airbag modules by making them new again. The information auto makers don't want you to know. This very simple, fast and effective way takes only a few minutes to accomplish. You will be amazed how easy it is to repair an SRS airbag module. Best educational video you'll ever need. Very little investment is needed to purchase some tools to perform the task.

Main Tool: Cheapest $40 - others available and range up to $700
Accessories: $300

Crash Data Calculator is recommended if your just starting out, $150 Per Make

This DVD is based on my own 7 year experience in repairing srs modules as I've tested almost all the tools and offer the best to get the job done.

I also sell the tools I use in the tools section of this website.

If you just want to repair one module please visit